Bridging Program

Overseas Nurses, especially from Non-English Speaking countries will be asked to undertake “Bridging Program” prior to the registration by NMBA.

Bridging Program is aimed to provide skills, expertise and knowledge to overseas nurses about Australian Nursing Practices. This program will be delivered by NMBA recognized Universities and Colleges.

Bridging Program consists of both classroom based and work based training and assessments. So you must complete this program by coming to Australia. There are some short term visas available for overseas nurses specially to complete this program in Australia.

Upon successful completion of this program, you will get the Registration from NMBA to work as Nurse in Australia.

Nurses2Australia work with Universities and Colleges and assist Overseas Nurses in getting Admission in Bridging Program.

In our “Bridging Program Assistance Service”, we provide following services

  • Assessment to identify the eligibility
  • Support in Bridging Program Admission & Documentation
  • Expert Advise about Applying Visa to Australia
  • Assistance in Accommodations & Airport Pickups

If you already have NMBA Assessment Letter and want admission & other support services for your “Bridging Program”, please contact us at

Our service charge for “Bridging Program Assistance Service” is $1500 excluding all course fees and any other immigration application fees.